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It’s time to re-examine the way you think about saving money. Squirreling away a percentage of your hard-earned cash each week may seem like the most practical approach. But, modern times call for more interesting ways to save money. Stay ahead of the curb and turbo charge your efforts with a little out-of-the-box thinking.

Try adding these creative money-saving ideas to your ordinarily sensible practices and get ready to rub shoulders with the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs – Well, maybe not Jobs.

Here’s some crazy ways to save money in your household that you may not have thought about before:

Crazy Way #1: Be unavailable at gift time

Plan any surgeries or long hospital stays that you may have to coincide with the Christmas holidays.

If you’re going to be incapacitated, you may as well kill two birds with one stone and use the sympathy card as a way out of buying expensive Christmas presents.

No one, especially at Christmas time, would be cruel enough to expect someone fresh from surgery to fight the Christmas crowds.

unavailable at gift time

Crazy Way #2: Go ‘cash only’

Once upon a time, back in the 90s, using cash was the norm. But these days, most people consider it ludicrous.

Using a credit card at times can feel like free money, until your statement comes in the mail. Avoid this nasty surprise each month by relying solely on the physical cash you have on hand.

Leaving credit cards and debit cards at home will result in fewer impulse purchases and more exposure to your budgeting reality.

This is the perfect teacher for learning to live within your means.

pay cash

Crazy Way #3: Get a hand up with hand me downs

There’s an old wives tale that suggests that, when pregnant, if you prefer sleeping on your left side you will be blessed with a girl, while if you sway more to your right your child will be born a boy.

There’s also said to be certain ‘romantic positions’ that can  shift the probability of yielding either a boy or a girl.

Choose to implement this method, or any other, to help encourage popping out offspring of the same-sex. This way, you will save a fortune in baby clothes, toys and more.

BONUS TIP: Try to avoid having twins, triplets, quadruplets or a cricket team, as no matter the sex, your expenses will vastly increase and may spiral out of control.

Crazy Way #4: Double the use of your TP

Now, I’m not suggesting that you use your toilet paper more than once. That would be disgusting and unhygienic. It would save you money, but still….Yeeeggghhh!

Treat yourself the next time you visit the supermarket to the softest of two-ply toilet paper that you can find.

Splitting each sheet of two-ply toilet paper into two individual sheets will see you double your utility without sacrificing the soothing comfort that your derriere so richly deserves.

Crazy Way #5: Bring back the bowl cut

Remember back to your childhood when your mother used to cut your hair in the laundry of your family home?

What you once considered a cruel act of unnecessary malice from your mother could possibly save you $1,000 to $1,800 per year.


Or, why not just shave your head? Adopt the look that made Vin Diesel and Sinead O’Conner famous and save a fortune in haircuts, shampoo, conditioner and products.

Crazy Way #6: Practice intermittent fasting

One of the world’s newest and popular methods for fat loss and hormone regulation can be your ticket to a decrease in grocery expenses.

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Practice intermittent fasting by going for a full day without eating. Start off at one day a month, and then slowly build up to once per week.

Encourage your family, or partner, to go along by talking about all of the health benefits and you’ll be saving like a champion in no time.

Crazy Way #7: Recycle your water

Start taking baths in the morning or take a bucket to stand in when you shower. The water you use when you wash your body can be used again each week to wash your car.

You will be saving your hard-earned cash with this unique money-saving tip by getting the most use out of your water AND your soap!

Just make sure not to accidentally reverse the order; second-hand suds from your car may have adverse effects on your skin and hair.

Calculating a total of roughly 200 litres per car wash at $3.08 /thousand litres – this practice should save you more than 61 cents per week.

To further increase your savings, schedule shower times to coincide with your partner’s. Ensure that you are well into your relationship and are either married or have been together for at least five years, as those still in the honeymoon period may end up spending more time in the shower together than desired; at least from an economic point of view.

There you have it, seven of the craziest ways to save you money. You can choose to begin incorporating any, or all, of these practices into your daily routine whenever you’re ready.

If you feel that these ideas are a little too radical for you, you may want to try something a little more practical. Check out the article 5 Great Ways to Save Money That You Can Start Today.

Hey, let me know some of the crazy ways you save money in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.